Precious marble such as the Black Fantasy, Naya White and Frozen White
are extracted at multiple quarries which are operative all year round
Trivedi Mining operations are built around lands rich in natural marble deposits. Since 1947, we have been operating multiple marble quarries. In unison, these produce three varieties of marble, making us the leading producer of high-grade calcite marble in India.

Our stones include Black Fantasy, a visually striking black marble with metamorphic texturing ranging from black to white; Frozen white is a blend of grey, cream and a milk white marble while the Naya White is a sombre classic stone in cloud white with subtle grey veining.

The company’s primary ethos has always been to fuse traditional techniques with modern machinery bridging the gap between talent and production to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the stone industry. At Trivedi Mining, we are building a company and spaces from the finest marble in the world.
We understand marble like nobody else.
That’s why our processing units push out some of the most aesthetically beautiful cut marbles in the world.
Our approach to business is synergic: the marble we mine, process and share is the delight of our people.
At Trivedi Mining we are forging a company from the finest marble in the world.